This is a running list of sites I love.
Comment with your own favourites.



Facebook Microblog

Sustainability | Regenerative Design | Hope for the Future | Project Updates

The Food Assembly

‘Sustainable agriculture, fair remuneration for producers, quality food… Joining the Food Assembly now means contributing to all those things tomorrow.’

This has really taken off in Europe. I’d like to see it happen in North America soon.

Grove Labs

“We’re working at the intersection of remarkable technology movements – the hardware revolution, open source software, the Internet of Things – and using those tools and ideas to solve a huge problem: how do you feed 9 billion people?” -Louis Desciou Software Engineer

Indoor gardening technology. A beautifully designed aquaponic indoor gardening unit.


Forums | Articles | Videos | Podcasts

Oh the forums! Huge active community.

Bright Agrotech

Aquaponics resources and products to help you grow food, no matter the space available. Vertically designed ZipGrow Towers.

Tons of organized information and teacher resources.

Live Your Legend

Open Permaculture School

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