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How to thrive in an increasingly poisoned world

Organophosophate chemicals used in the industrial agriculture system is causing toxic buildup in our tissue. Without proper elimination, or detox, levels build and cause a host of problems.   The latest horror is the Trump administrations' decision allowing Dow Chemical to continue use of Chlorpyrifos, despite the EPA's findings of having 'no safe application' for the … Continue reading How to thrive in an increasingly poisoned world

Aquaponic Adventures

Subtropical Paradise     An entire month spent on the Hawaiian Islands proved fruitful indeed. I went for the knowledge and experience of a farm internship, yet also discovered the serenity of midnight swimming in dormant lava tubes.  One of my closest friends had piqued my interest in aquaponics and alternative growing methods this time … Continue reading Aquaponic Adventures

Wonderful World of Worms

Aristotle once expressed a vital observation, saying "Worms are the intestines of the Earth." Consider for a moment the soil we walk on. It appears a solid mass. Yet underneath the surface is a labyrinth of plant roots, animals, microbes, mycelium, minerals, water and air. Generally speaking, plants thrive in conditions where the soil composition … Continue reading Wonderful World of Worms

Radiation Protection in a Nuclear World

Radiation Levels on Earth Rising? Fact: There have been over 2000 recorded nuclear detonations from 1945-1998, which continue to this day. Fact: Radioactive isotopes constantly bombard the atmosphere, referred to as 'natural' background radiation. This really only began with above ground nuclear testing. Fact: The unstable region of Fukushima Daiichi houses 4 core reactors … Continue reading Radiation Protection in a Nuclear World

Ecovillage Enlightenment

52 hours via train + 4 hours driving, crossing 1 international + 7 state borders = roughly 3,500 km This year I embarked on an adventure from Vancouver, BC to Rutledge, Missouri. I stumbled upon a natural building opportunity while researching the idea of transitional communities; in fact I was looking at this list when … Continue reading Ecovillage Enlightenment

Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution

“If something exists it must be possible.” Amy Lovins

An inspirational short about the permaculture movement. This is a beacon of hope for a better way to change the ‘tragedy of the commons’. Personal and community insight may just be what we need to live differently, and in harmony with our surrounding resources.

Happy life, happy green

A little inspiration movie about permaculture

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