Radiation Protection in a Nuclear World

Radiation Levels on Earth Rising?

Fact: There have been over 2000 recorded nuclear detonations from 1945-1998, which continue to this day.
Fact: Radioactive isotopes constantly bombard the atmosphere, referred to as ‘natural’ background radiation. This really only began with above ground nuclear testing.
Fact: The unstable region of Fukushima Daiichi houses 4 core reactors in meltdown. Chernobyl only had 1. This spells out exponential devastation in comparison.
Fact: Cesium-137 has a half-life of 30 years, Iodine-131 is 8 days and Iodine-129 is 15.7 million years.

“A meltdown is forever.” Michio Kaku


The good news:

Plants have been adapting to Earths’ conditions millions of years longer than humans, and have developed ways of dealing with radiation. While statistics and propaganda are misleading and overwhelming, here are some things you can do!
First: be aware of where your food is coming from. Yes, on top of worrying about whether my food is truly organic, and how many pesticides are really removed from doing a vinegar wash, now I am questioning if radioactive rain irrigated my food. So if you are as OCD as I tend to be, then you may want to try growing your own food, joining a local co-op/CSA program or applying for a plot in a community garden or through a landshare platform.
Second: incorporate some of the recommended radio protective foods into daily life. Personally I eat a mostly raw organic diet and take high-grade spirulina tablets.
Third: mind over medicine! Don’t stress out!! Whether a threat is real or perceived (ie. you are dwelling on situations in your mind), your body responds by enlisting the sympathetic nervous system and releasing cortisol into your bloodstream. More here.


5 links to further your understanding:

  1. Which foods to avoid and which ones to opt for:
    protective measures to incorporate in your diet
  2. Biosuperfood information, test results, background: Pawl Dixon
  3. Rick Simpson: speaks on hemp oil as a highly effective treatment for radiation
  4. Western medicine is confirming many ancient Ayurvedic remedies:
    check out this peer-reviewed medical article
  5. A citizen science study conducted from 1958 – 1963: the tooth fairy
  6. “We were worried that this important information would not reach the public and unfortunately, it looks as if we were right,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich Gulf Islands in a written press release. More here.


By now I hope you have taken the time to at least bookmark a few sources for later reading, and have inspired you to do your own research. I am not an expert, just a concerned earthling with access to the internet.

Let me know what your main concerns are, and feel free to share this article. If you find any interesting and informative sources, add them in your comment as I hope to update a more robust list.

4 thoughts on “Radiation Protection in a Nuclear World

  1. If that doesn’t get the attention of aliens, nothing will. I’m glad I don’t live in that part of the States which they kept trying to blow up.
    “War is not a condition of maintaining security, but a glaring manifestation of insecurity.” – Mahatma Gandhi.


    1. I’m sure we have had the attention of other galactic citizen since at least the 1950’s. There are plenty of conspiracy and leaked documents showing involvement with human civilization over thousands of years. The questions seems to be, will they allow us to continue poisoning this beautiful garden planet, or will there be an intervention?


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