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In recent years, Thailand has gained a reputation as a high-quality and reliable medical tourism destination and medical tourism has seen a huge increase in Thailand owing to the fact that it is home to many internationally accredited hospitals. These hospitals offer a wide range of treatments from cosmetic/plastic surgery to dental procedures and even organ transplants at affordable rates.

Typically procedures cost 1/10th of the price of similar medical procedures in the US, UK or Australia.

Hospitals here boast the latest technology and are equipped with language translators and exclusive international wings to cater to foreign patients. Many doctors and physicians in Thailand have medical certifications from the UK and US and attend to patients with consummate professionalism and great care.

In 2015, the number of international patients being treated in Thailand was about 3.5 million people and the number is growing annually.

Thailand Visa Requirements for Medical W88 sport

Visa on arrival is typically 15-30 days (most visitors from Western countries receive 30 days) and Visa extensions can be applied if necessary. W88 sport can also apply for a non-immigrant Visa for medical reasons, which gives them 90 days and requires proof that they are receiving treatment from a licensed medical facility.

Medical Tourism in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the great Asian cities and is always ranked high in travel magazines and international surveys. It is ideal for medical tourists not only because of the treatment facilities, but also because of the range of it’s post-treatment spas, resorts and alternative healing centers. Although hidden away somewhat in the north of the country and in Bangkok’s shadow, Chiang Mai is nonetheless an excellent alternative in many ways and well worth considering.

This is a big city with a small-town feel, and a short drive in any direction takes you out into the rice fields and surrounding mountain peaks. Meanwhile, within the city’s confines are many international restaurants, bookstores, pubs, clubs, universities and world-class hospitals. There are numerous, beautiful resorts found both within and near to Chiang Mai that are ideal for recuperating. Medical tourists can enjoy diverse cultural activities before or after their treatments, including watching cultural performances, taking a handicraft workshop and attending a Thai cooking or massage class. Those feeling a little more adventurous might consider visiting elephant camps or perhaps a nearby hill tribe mountain village, some within an hour of Chiang Mai.

Getting There and Around

Chiang Mai is commonly known as Thailand’s second city and is essentially the de facto capital of Northern Thailand. It is easily accessible with an international airport offering many domestic and international flights daily. The train line from Bangkok also ends in Chiang Mai. Vehicles can easily be rented in Chiang Mai, either with or without drivers, and there are a wide variety of local transportation options available.

W88 casiono Medical Tourist Services

W88 casiono has entered into partnerships with a range of first-class hospitals and clinics and provides full support services for medical tourists, including:
  • Liaison with relevant hospitals and clinics for quotations on medical and dental procedures
  • Booking of appointments with specialists and surgical clinics
  • Airport transfers to hospitals/clinics and/or accommodation
  • Accommodation bookings for pre and post operative recuperation
  • A wide range of general support services to help make your stay in Chiang Mai stress-free and enjoyable.
Please CONTACT US for information and assistance.
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