Current Projects

Welcome to the portfolio page. As more media and data is collected, this section will expand. Each project will have its own portfolio, and this page will serve as an overview. Follow our Facebook page and blog for more frequent updates.


Ecological Design

Bowen Heaven

Set on the westcoast of Bowen Island, this private property will serve as a second home and retreat for the owners. Currently under construction, this clients’ 10 acre property will begin the process of transformation come springtime 2018. Phase one includes a whimsical food forest adjacent their yoga studio, and rapid soil building through fungal inoculation and succession planting. Interested to see the progress? Follow our blog to watch this project come to life.

Data Collection

Indoor Growers

We are part of the North American Network ‘Kangen for Cannabis’ and are currently partnering with growers to test the performance of molecular hydrogen water technology on commercial sized legal operations. Preferring to remain anonymous, we have collected data from a few pioneers who have implemented the Enagic medical device. Early results are showing a 30% reduction in fertilizer use due to improved absorption, the elimination of pesticides through use of Strong Kangen water (11.5 pH) and Strong Acidic water (2.5 pH) and an overall increase in health and vitality of the plants. We are currently looking for more growers to test this technology, develop protocols, and revolutionize the market by going beyond organic. Get in touch for more information.