Chiang Mai Tours:

Get to Know Your New Home in Thailand


  • Digital Nomad Tours
  • Expat Tours
  • Retiree Tours
  • Accommodation Tours

N.B. We are not a tourist attraction tour company.  These tour services are only on offer to our customers and are specialties of the Concierge Service we provide.


Now You’re in Chiang Mai: Discover it!

Our mission at W88 casiono is to make your visit or residency in Chiang Mai the most amazing experience that you can have. This is not going to happen if you do not discover the local attractions and secrets available to you right here in Chiang Mai. To this end, we have created a few tours that most of our customers find well worth taking because they learn in a few hours what could take months to discover on their own.

The Digital Nomad Start Up Tour Chiang Mai

USD $ 69.75

Over 4 hours you will be taken on a mini tour to familiarize yourself with the options and facilities that support your online lifestyle.

This tour will give you a heads up of the coworking spaces, where you can shop and we get you a phone SIM card to save you money on the Tourist SIM’s most people get.

In addition you will learn a few Thai language expressions, and the correct prices to use local transport.  Learn how to get discounts and as close to local prices (not tourists) as is possible.


The Expat/Retirement Familiarization Tour Chiang Mai

USD $ 69.75

Over 4 hours you will be taken on a mini tour to familiarize yourself with the businesses, services and social events that are going to make your retirement here in Chiang Mai as relaxed or as active as you want it to be.

You will visit some of the more common Expats bars, and social venues, and be shown when the Chiang Mai Expat Club meets on regular occasions.  This tour will introduce you immediately to new friends and an active social life.  Start your new life off the right way


The Accommodation Tour of Chiang Mai

USD $ 69.75

We think we have done a great job of providing a variety of weekly and monthly accommodation, but maybe you would like to see all these places for yourself before you make up your mind and commit for a longer period of time.

The Accommodation Tour is especially for you, select from the range of apartments we have on our site, and/or add ones you have found yourself, and our staff will take you to visit each residence and talk to the staff for you (sometimes they do not speak English) and help you sort out a lease agreement.

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