Local Chiang Mai Resources and Networks

chiang mai resources and networks
Chiang Mai is an awesome place to stay for a holiday or live long-term. There is a wide variety of Expat, Digital Nomad, Backpacker and Teacher resources built up by the Westerners living here. W88 casiono has compiled the following list of resources.  Here you will find Facebook groups, Blogs and Articles, Online News, For Sale Classified, Jobs and the list goes on and on.

Facebook groups Chiang MaiFacebook Pages & Groups

– Our very own Facebook page, Like us and get details of new services, events and courses

Events and Social Calendar Groups

– We all love Chiang Mai – there is a great files section with loads of information. This is a secret group, you will need a friend who is a member to add you

  – It’s usually here if it is happening in Chiang Mai.

– Couch surfing in the international free accommodation and travel group.

The primary focus of ‘What’s Happening Chiang Mai’ is to provide a voice to those connected to Burma and social justice issues generally. We welcome posts that are of value to our audience – advertising events and important news affecting our community.

– A page for people, event organizers, promoters, bar owners and club owners to let everyone know what’s happening in Chiang Mai. Feel free to add people to the group: the more people on here the more we’ll know what’s happening in and around Chiang Mai

– For people wanting to come to or already living or just interested in Chiang Mai

Buying and Selling Items & Motorbikes Groups

– Buy and Sell your Stuff

–  Buy and Sell your Stuff

–  Buy, sell and swap whatever you want in this group!

– Sell anything you want here as long as it’s legal and second hand.  You can sell personal real estate here too, but NO BROKERS please, only private sales.

– Get a second hand bike or scooter or sell the one you have

– Bike sales and purchase.  Pedal power, second hand.

Renting, Buying and Selling Accommodation

– Sell anything you want here as long as it’s legal and second hand.  You can sell personal real estate here too, but NO BROKERS please, only private sales.

–  In this group you can post your classifieds or general information about real estate in Chiang Mai. It’s a way to help people find each other: buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants. Everyone is welcome: agents, buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords…you name it.

Special Interest Groups

  – Over 3000 Digital Nomads make Chiang Mai their home. Most of them share ideas and events in this group

– Looking for a new place to get together with friends? New in town and looking for a group to join for drinks? Keep an eye on our group for our weekly meetups. We will explore new bars, return to old favorites and share our experiences along the way.

– Chiang Mai’s affiliated TEDx talks

 – An ask and you shall receive group for foreign nationals in Chiang Mai.

– If you have questions about teaching vacancies, necessary teaching credentials, professional development ideas or just need some ideas for teaching activities, post your comments here!

–  The Ajarn school forum and Facebook page

– Support group for foreign teachers in Thailand: job postings, visa issues, agent issues, classified advertising, group trips and more

– Work opportunities (provided you can work)


Great Resource Websites about Chiang Mai

  Resource of businesses, contacts, events, classifieds

  Resource of businesses, contacts, events, classifieds

  Community of Expats discussing and sharing in forums everything about Chiang Mai, including latest immigration news

Some Google Maps of CM places

Couch Surfing meeting places 

Chiang Mai – Shopping

Chiang Mai – Activities and Attractions

Chiang Mai – Information, Communication and Emergencies

Chiang Mai – Transportation

Chiang Mai – Cafes, Juice Bars and Ice Cream

Chiang Mai – Bars, Live Music and Nightlife

Chiang Mai – Restaurants

Chiang Mai – Accommodations

Emergency telephone numbers Chiang Mai

Emergency help 191    
Fire 199    
Tourist police 1155, 1699 608, Charoenraj Road, Faham  
Airport Tourist Police Office 053 270 222 ext 2191. 60 Moo 3, Airport Rd.,  
Arcade Tourist Police Office booth, no phone 2, Watket. Arcade Bus Station  
Night Bazaar Tourist Police booth, no phone On-site outside the Vieng Ping Centre, Changklan Rd.  
Ambulance Police 199    
Ambulance Service 1669    
Vehicle Theft Police 1192    
Water Problems 053 233 479    
Electricity Problems 053 241 226, 053 241 777    
Chiang Mai Immigration 053 851 356-8    
Central Police Station 053 140 000   info@police5.go.th
Traffic Police Office 053 234 051 28 Praisanee Road  
Traffic accidents help 1193    
Municipality Fire Station 053 259 191 170 Wangsingkham Rd.,Changmoi  
Chiang Mai Gate Fire Station 053 277 582 Chiang Mai Gate, Bamrungburi Rd.,T.Prasing  
Changphuak Fire Station 053 222 852 70 Soi 4, Changphuak Rd.,Sripoom  
Electricity problems 053 260 260 208/1 Chiang Mai-Lamphun Rd.,Watkat  
Telephone directory enquiries 1133    
Mastercard Problem 001-800-11-8870663     
Visa Card Problem 001-800-11-5350660     
American Express Problem 02-2735544, 02-2735522 (after8pm)    
International Operator 100    
Chiang Mai Alcoholics Anonymous 082 186 2518    


Chiang Mai Central Memorial Hospital 053 819 333 ext 40 186/2 Changklan Road
Chiang Mai Ram Hospital 053 920 300 Boonruangrit Road, T.Suthep,A.Muang chiangmairam@chiangmairam.com< /a> /
Lanna Hospital 053 999 777 1 Sukkasem Road, Tambon Paton lanna@lanna-hospital.com /
Maharaj Hospital 053 947 000 110 Inthawarorod Road,Sriphum  
McCormick Hospital 053 921 777 133 Kaewnawarat Road, Watket
Malaria Centre 053 894 271 18 Boonruangrit Road, Suthep
Nakornping Hospital 053 999 200, Fax: 053 999 221 159 Moo 10, Chotana Road, MaeRim
Chiang Mai Klaimor Hospital 053 200 002 158 Chiang Mai-Hod Road, Moo10
Rajavej Hospital 053 801 999 316/1 Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road,
Rhuampath Chiang Mai Hospital 053 270 144-50 21 Nantaram Road, Haiya


American Consulate 053 107 700 387 Wichayanond Road, T.Chang Moi,A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50300  
Australian Consulate 053 492 480 236 Chiang Mai-Doi Saket Road,A.Sansai, Chiang Mai, 50210  
Austrian Consulate 053 863 144 810/1 Moo 1, Rimtai Mae Rim,Chiang Mai 50180 Thailand  
British Consulate 053 263 015 198 Bumrungraj Road, T.Wat Gate,A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50000  
Canadian Consulate 053 850147 151 Super Highway, T. Tahsala,A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50000  
Chinese Consulate 053 276 125 111, Changloh Road, T.Hai Ya,A.MuangChiang Mai, 50100  
Finnish Consulate 053 231 133 3 Ratanakosin Road T.Sriphum A.Muang Chiang Mai 50200  
French Consulate 053 281 466 French Alliance Alliance française, 138 Charoen Prathet Road, T.Chang Klan, A.Muang, ChiangMai 50100  
German Consulate 053 838 735 199/163 Moo 3, Baan Nai Fun 2 KanKlong Chonpratan Road T.Mae Hia, A.Muang Chiang Mai 50100  
Indian Consulate 053 243 066 344 Charoenraj Road, T.Wat Gate,A.Muang, Chiang Mai, 50000  
Japanese Consulate 053 203 367 Suit 104-107 Airport BusinessPark, 90 Mahidol Road, T.Haiya, A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50100  

National Holidays and Festivals in Thailand

Holidays and Festivals in Thailand


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