The CMB Mapping Project

Interactive Technology (Laptops Only)

Launched in April 2016, the CMB mapping project is a community-based initiative to share, document and maintain verified information on all points and subjects of interest to foreign visitors and residents of Chiang Mai.

The technology employed here is interactive, meaning anyone can submit pins directly to any map and offer suggestions for new categories.


  • Add a pin directly here
  • Register with Google
  • Help the Chiang Mai Business Community

Everybody Under One Roof

This initiative provides a collaborative platform to like-minded individuals who assemble and publish information to help and inform others using Google maps and other mapping platforms.

It encourages people with specialized categorical knowledge of the city (i.e. Italian food restaurants) to share their big brains to help complete existing or entirely new map categories.

Best of all, it's a place for people to share problem-solving victories (i.e. "I just discovered where to buy unsalted pumpkin seeds in bulk - YAY!"). The listings and categories presented are only the beginning and will quickly expand as YOU the people participate (see "The Big Map").


To make navigation, collaboration, and information verification as simple as possible, each section is broken down into separate maps which are presented as a composite on the section home page (i.e. Animal Lovers is broken down into Pet Stores, Vet Clinics, Tigers, Elephants, Zoos, Safari, etc.) which you view individually on the subordinate pages or all together on the "Animal Lovers" main page.

Instead of using one generic pin that makes separate categories indecipherable, custom icons are carefully selected from the or hand-crafted for each subject to create the perfect aesthetic for visual navigation in the composite maps. You are welcome to submit a new pin (and color) when recommending new categories.

yoga tenniscourt tennis tebletennis supermarket mountainbiking-3 motorbike massage mall departmentstore Bakery weights golfing golf teach golf range pets veterinary weights firstaid Food+Wifi Coffee Wifi IE arrow EMS Shared Workspace

Get Involved

  • Suggest a listing
  • Suggest a new category
  • Suggest a category marker

Populate Our Maps

Add a listing directly to any map, or use our form to make a suggestion for a new listing and/or category.

Red Dots

All new pins are assigned the red dot identifier which creates the extra step of verifying that it is a properly completed Google map listing. If it's not, that's where our CMB Mapping Partners step in.

Red Pin Green Pin

Become a CMB Mapping Partner

Many local Thai business owners lack the technology, language skills, or know-how to create a proper Google+ business profile, then claim and manage their own Google map listing.

Complicating matters, many travellers who register Google Map pins dropped on the fly fail to properly complete the "Add a Place" details (phone number, hours of operation, website, photos, etc.), information that would otherwise greatly benefit both business owners and potential customers.

The result is a serious void of Google map listings and/or poor quality information for travellers visiting or living in Chiang Mai.

To remedy this, W88 casiono is actively seeking "CMB Mapping Partners" to take the verified information here not listed on Google and engage the wonderful Chiang Mai business community to help create proper 3rd party Google Map listings using .

It all starts by registering as an official  to earn  and joining our CMB Mapping Project FaceBook community to help put all the incredible places and people of Chiang Mai on the map.


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