Greenhouse herbs

Our Vision

Future Care. It means leaving the world in better shape than we found it. We bring ecological design solutions to every project - home gardens, small farms, greenhouses, orchards and beyond.

Our Story

Becoming a parent changes many things, including how one looks at the future. What began as a hobby garden quickly grew into multiple land based projects, and has now evolved into a design and consulting service to engage growers everywhere.

Founder of RawAutonomy Permaculture Design & Consulting

About Me

My name is Krystle Wnuk. I am a mother, gardener, permaculture designer and an entrepreneur. I have been fascinated with the natural world since I was a little girl and this has grown into a passion for reforestation and soil regeneration. RawAutonomy is my project-based business where I get to work with my clients to design, implement and maintain regenerative landscapes. In addition to my design business, I work with a Japanese water technology that produces molecular hydrogen water for personal health and home use, and am exploring the application in agriculture to eliminate pesticide use.