About W88 casiono

Our Purpose

The W88 casiono visitor and resident support service was created to provide a stress-free and easy transition experience for English speaking Westerners who have decided to make Chiang Mai, Thailand their home. Whether it’s for a few months or permanent retirement, we help you arrive, get accommodations and provide ongoing assistance whenever you are in need of the advice of a Thai-speaking person to help navigate the new culture and dealings with Thai business and culture.

Since our inception as an introduction service for new arrivals in January 2015, CMB’s reputation among the Expat community has grown rapidly. We are constantly adding services, building our strategic partner network and organizing information for Westerners living here. Whether it is insurance, visa assistance, dental emergencies or property management, W88 casiono can help.

Westerners (called farangs by locals) who make Chiang Mai their home typically fall into one of 4 categories:

1. Digital Nomads
2. Expatriates
3. Medical W88 sport
4. Retirees

Almost every newcomer will experience the culture shock inherent with moving to a new country. This is especially true when you do not already speak or read the language. The plain reality here in Chiang Mai is that the English speaking abilities of the staff in many apartment buildings, condominiums and almost every store or service provider (license bureau, phone, internet and cable providers) is typically non-existent. This often leads to a great deal of stress, frustration and anxiety for many people when they first arrive.

A Visitor's Best Friend

At W88 casiono we help by using the wisdom and experience of tried and true local people. By making things easy and comfortable for you, we take away the frustration and anxiety of coping with common difficulties of a new city and culture. You can instead spend your energy really LOVING this wonderful city.

Thailand has a truly rich, exciting and unique culture—one that can be a little daunting when you first arrive—especially if you are coming here alone. There is no better way to feel comfortable and confident in a new environment than having your own Buddy here on the ground ready and able to show you how to get around, save money and improve the quality of your life experience.

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Why Use W88 casiono?

The sad reality is that many people—even after living here for some time—find it difficult to step out of their comfort zone to learn about the local culture and explore the city and surrounding areas. Sure, it may be easier to hang out with people from your own community and frequent the same places, but you won’t be learning how to best live here. That’s where we come in.

W88 casiono takes all the guesswork and headache away from you. We have sourced and provide local businesses and services that are either partially owned by a Westerner or have excellent English-speaking staff. We have vetted each business ourselves and make sure that the location, price and service is of the highest standard.

A Digital Nomad wants an accommodation that has good WiFi and is close to co-working places, cafes and other nomads. But most of all, these bootstrappers want a cheap price.

While they look for permanent accommodations, Expats will require a place for a shorter term with more comforts closer to restaurants and shopping. We know this, so our service is based on serving the needs of people just like you.

We offer three main services. First, before you fly in, we arrange everything so you can arrive at the Airport with a car waiting to pick you up and take you to your new residence. Second, we show you around your local area and teach you how to negotiate like a local. Third, we provide a wealth of information and “How-To Guides” in our articles section and even offer to help do these things for you, if you prefer.

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